tatraum projekte schmidt

Everything Tendentious or M in Luck / Edition Salt Lake City

TheaterDance Performance by tatraum projekte schmidt regarding the interrelation between utopia, longing and HumanMachineSystems in digital times.

from / with: Lena Visser, Tanja London, Miriam Gronau, Analeigh Sanderson, Joshua Yago Mora, Ansgar Tappert, Yoann Trellu, Scott Wasilewski, Michael Schmidt

production: tatraum projekte schmidt c/o (inter)national connect Tanja London Salt Lake City

tatraum projekte schmidt celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2014 with the last part of the 3-year trilogy , which explored the interrelationships between increasingly digitized life worlds and seemingly archaic human behavior. The human being seems limited, inadequate, deficient, and not contemporary in comparison to an increasingly faster and advanced technological environment, which is shining in its digital perfection. The human longing becomes stronger to be supported by technology, to function more effectively, to >self-optimize<, or even strengthens human phantasies of becoming God-like.

Do we stand at the beginning of a new relationship between humans and machines? Are we fostering a symbiotic HumanMachine relationship or are we two co-existing entities that soon will be able to gain their independency? Will we exist as autonomous competitors on Earth?

Thanks to: Ashley Anderson, Carloss Chamberlin, Aaron London,
and the City Library

Sponsored by: Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the German Federal State North-Rhine Westphalia and private donors. Fiscally sponsored by loveDANCEmore. Presented by [inter]national connect, an initiative of Tanja London to enrich (inter-) national artistic exchange in SLC.


tendenziöses oder M im Glück / Edition München
Everything Tendentious or M in Luck / Edition Salt Lake City